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Curly Hair Struggles

First look in the mirror in the morning and you’re peeved with your haywire curls. Waking up with perfect curls isn’t always a piece of cake. Curly hair girls have to put in a tad extra work and it’s not always easy.

Your curls look even worst when you try to brush them. If it’s cold or windy, you have to take some precautions. When it’s hot and humid, wrapping up your curls is your best bet. Raining, don’t even try. The curly hair struggle is real! If these struggles don’t sound familiar to you, you must have straight hair. This post is dedicated to girls and boys with curly hair. Here are the top curly hair struggles and solutions.

Brush or Brush-Me-Not

You can feel it, you know it’s there. You are tempted to rescue your mane from twirls and twists. The golden rule of curly hair is only brushing it when it’s wet. Brushing your curly locks when it’s dry is not only going to ruin your curl pattern, it’s also the way to the frizzy lane. One solution is to detangle your hair in the shower. Apply a conditioner, and using a wide-tooth comb, gently remove knots.

Hay Hay Hay

Stringy, straw-like, or hay. These are unpleasant orthodox descriptions for curly hair. Curly hair is notorious for its porosity; it has an enormous thirst for water. This means that keeping it hydrated is often a challenge. Look out for nourishing hair products that help to normalize your hair’s porosity and hydrate your curls.

Styling Blues

Your arms are exhausted from straightening your curls. It doesn’t get any easier to blow them straight. And the worst part, witnessing your painstakingly styled hair reverts back to where you started! Be it deflated bouncy curls or rebound straightened strands, there are helpful products that can calm your frustrations. Revitalize your styling with lightweight silicone hair spray. It will add shine and body to your hair without weighing it down.

Hair Cut Anxiety

A visit to the wrong hair salon can be disastrous. A wrong snip and you end up looking like a poodle. Because curly hair is special, cutting curls need a pair of skillful hands. Do your research and choose your hairstylist wisely.

Humidity and Frizz

Humidity is in the forecast? I’m staying home. Humidity and curly hair have always had a complicated relationship. Whilst curly strands need moisture, excessive humidity results in frizzy hair. Don’t let Mother Nature keep you away from having fun! Protect your curls with hair products to seal in moisture and fence off humidity to keep your curls stunning.

Hair Wash

Washing your curly locks is a process, curl-enhancing shampoo, hydrating conditioner, cocktails of styling products, etc. And the fact of going to bed in wet hair is a huge no-no, you need to let it dry! Besides the hole in the pocket, curly hair girls need to spend more time at each hair wash. Investing in good hair care products can help to reduce build-ups and space out your washes.

Attract Envy Eyes

Do you often get asked if your curls are natural? “Nah, I wake up at wee hours every single morning and curl my hair.”

Despite all the struggles and never-ending battles, we still adore our precious curls! Embrace the coiled mess and rock those curls!

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