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Summer Hair Care Hacks - Keeping Your Hair Fresh & Healthy All Summer Long

With global warming, summers are getting hotter than ever. This means more heat, more UV rays, and more sun damage! You can apply sunscreen to your skin, but what about your hair and scalp? Lack of adequate protection can cause your hair to suffer, making it dry and brittle, and your scalp can even suffer from sunburn. How can you protect yourself? Here are some hair care hacks to keep your hair fresh and healthy all summer long.

Summer Hairstyles

Prepare your hair so you start summer strong! You should trim the ends of your hair before they turn into split ends and become more damaged. You can talk to your stylist for recommendations on summer hairstyles. They might recommend a shorter hairstyle that will air dry quickly since hair grows faster in the summer. Air drying is a better option than blow-drying since blow-drying can cause your hair to suffer additional heat damage.

To prevent your hair from looking oily, you should keep your strands away from the sweat on your body, especially areas like the forehead and the neck. You can wear your hair in simple styles, such as a basic ponytail, bun, or a fishtail braid.

Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Heat damage doesn’t just occur from hair styling tools like curling irons. Spending time under your sun will damage your hair as well! You should apply a leave-in conditioner to the tips of your hair before you go outdoors.

Apply Sunscreen on Your Scalp

Your scalp is a vital part of your skin that frequently gets neglected when it comes to sun protection. You can dilute some sunscreen with water, mixing it in a spray bottle before spraying it onto your scalp. Alternatively, purchase sunscreens that are made specifically for your scalp. You can also protect your scalp from the sun by wearing a hat.

Use a Heat-Protection Spray

Protect your hair with a heat or UV protection spray like the Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray. Since it’s a silicone hair spray product, it will provide your hair with a protective barrier, reducing damage caused by UV rays. It’s a holy grail product that will do wonders for your hair! Hold the hair spray about five inches away from your hair and spray liberally from the mid-shaft to the tips of your hair and let it dry.

Wear a Hair Mask before Swimming

You can apply a deep conditioner or a hair mask before and after swimming to keep your hair shiny and moisturized. It will also provide a protective barrier and defend your hair from chemicals, such as chlorine.

Keep Your Hair Fresh and Healthy with the Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray

Worried about keeping your hair fresh and healthy throughout the harsh summer? Don’t worry, our Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray is here to help. Filled with pure silicone, our high-quality product will reduce and prevent damage caused by UV rays. Simply spray it on before you head outdoors, and reapply throughout the day when necessary. It will retain moisture in your strands and add shine to your hair, keeping your hair soft and beautiful.

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