The World of Simply Stylin' Hair!

Pure Silicone products for superior hair styling!


Pure Silicone for Superior Styling and Soft, Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

Simply Stylin' Silk and Simply Stylin' Light  Silk Spray are two unique hair products that are composed entirely of pure silicone.  

Unlike other silicone hair products, these products contain no fillers.  As a result, Simply Stylin' products are concentrated to maximize the effect on your hair and make hair styling a breeze!

And Simply Stylin' products can be used on any hair type - straight, curly, wavy, relaxed, colored, fine or coarse - for longer, healthier, shiny hair.

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Versatile and Easy to Use

Add Simply Stylin’ to prevent frizz , improve manageability , and add softness and shine to your hair.

Or use it to detangle the hair without struggle or pain.

And, because Simply Stylin' is pure silicone, it is perfect for restoring wigs and hair extensions.

Just a few drops of Silk Serum or a light misting of Light Silk Spray are all that’s needed to experience the superior, concentrated results of Simply Stylin’! 

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Simply Stylin' Silk Serum

Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum is made from some of the highest quality pure silicones available. We blend it gently over the course of a day to maximize rather than break down the contributions from each ingredient. In fact, when we blend it this way, we find Silk to be smoother and silkier when applied to the hair. You will find Silk to be a light, smooth serum that can be directed to desired areas of your hair quickly and easily. It is non-greasy with no build-up and has a pleasant clean fragrance.

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Simply Stylin' Light Silk Spray

Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray is a lighter spray version of Simply Stylin’ Silk. While also made of high quality, pure silicones, Light Silk Spray is mixed gently for a shorter period of time. This allows the mixture to remain very light in a formulation that can be sprayed very simply. Apply Light Silk Spray as a mist for light coverage. Because it is so light, it can be reapplied throughout the day for extra shine and added softness.



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