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The Truth About Silicones In Your Hair Care Products

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Silicone hair products have got a lot of attention recently. While opponents are saying that silicones can weigh down and damage your hair, proponents love silicone hair products for the many benefits that can be reaped by using them. All this debating may have left you feeling a bit confused – so, are silicones good for your hair or not? In this article, we share with you the truth about silicones in your hair care products.

What Are Silicones?

Silicones are a synthetic material derived from crystal quartz. Because they go through chemical processing, this classes them as synthetic despite being derived from a natural source. This can put some individuals off if they prefer only natural ingredients in their hair care products, but there is plenty that silicone can do for hair. Because silicone is heat-resistant and has a smooth rubbery texture, this places them in an advantageous position to protect and strengthen your hair.

What Can Silicone Do for My Hair?

There are many reasons people opt for silicone hair products, and the chief one amongst them is the waterproof coating they can give to your hair. This helps to guard against frizz and preserve the natural moisture of your hair, protecting against dryness. In addition, this coating also serves as a lubricant, forming a soft and smooth protective barrier around your hair. This has the benefit of adding some much-needed shine and preventing tangling. Last but not least, the heat-resistant properties of silicone help to protect your hair from styling tools, lending a healthy look even to hair that has been damaged.

The Case Against Silicone

Despite the many wonderful things silicone can do for your hair, you may also have heard about the negatives. We are not going to pretend that there is no truth to them – however, understanding what silicone really does to your hair can help to dispel the negativity around these hair products.

While it is true that silicone can build up in hair over time and weigh it down, this can also be counterbalanced by ensuring you have rinsed your hair thoroughly after a wash and switching between different hair products regularly. As long as you aren’t using one type of hair product all the time, you can be assured that your hair will not suffer from an excessive build-up of the product. Another tip is to stick with lightweight silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone copolyol.

Come to RAM Atelier, LLC for the Silicone Hair Products You Need

Let’s face it: we all want our hair to look good, regardless of the occasion and how long or short it is. When you are looking for silicone hair products to boost your hair health and help it regain some shine, you have come to the right place at RAM Atelier, LLC. In our online shop, you can find shampoos, conditioners, and hair spray to suit your needs. You can also feel free to check out the many uses our products can bring to your hair.

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