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Silicone Hair Product Guide

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Today’s  consumers around the world are more diverse, sophisticated, and have high expectations about their appearances. Customers want versatile hair care products that can help them achieve healthy and beautiful hair for all hair types, levels of hair damage, and the climates in which they live.

At Simply Stylin’, we are on the same wavelength. Our pure silicone hair products are formulated to address your hair care needs. Read on for our comprehensive silicone hair product guide.

Color Protection

People are increasingly coloring their hair to conceal grays, be trendy, or to express individuality. However, this chemical coloring process is known to cause hair damage and scalp irritations. It is thus important to protect your hair against color fade due to cleansing and ultraviolet lights.

Simply Stylin' Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo is formulated specially to liberate build-up from all hair types. The peppermint refreshes and tingles the scalp while the tea tree purifies your hair and scalp. It is an excellent product to achieve soft and supple hair.

Lightweight Conditioning

Do you want smooth and shiny hair? Of course you do! A good conditioner not only helps detangle knots but also smooths out hair cuticles while leaving behind a protective layer. your hair cuticles and leaves a protective layer. While many people are anxious about hair damage, some go overboard and then have to deal with heavy and greasy hair.

Simply Stylin' Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner contains tea tree and moisturizing oils that help restore your hair’s pH balance after cleansing. The peppermint soothes your scalp, offering you nourished, lightweight hair.

Hair Strengthening

Frequent styling, chemical processing, and environmental impacts are common contributors to a weakened hair follicle. But do you know that our repeated washing, drying, and brushing routines can also lead to hair damage? Adding a pure silicone leave-in product to your hair care routine delivers additional hair strengthening benefits and prevents hair breakage.

Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum is a powerful blend of pure premium silicones. Our meticulous blending process prevents the elements from breaking down and gives it a smooth and silky texture. This light and smooth serum is non-greasy and does not cause build-up. It also has a pleasant fragrance.

Flexible Styling

Natural, soft, and bouncy hair is what most consumers are looking for. Especially if you have curly hair, you might have experienced your curls tangling and frizzing during the day, thanks to the humidity. The right blend of light, leave-in spray can help to protect your hair against heat and keep your styling in place without weighing them down.

Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray is a dainty fusion of pure silicones. Its light formula makes this one-of-a-kind silicone mist easy for protecting your hair. Remarkable for nourishing, defense, and reapplication, this light silk spray can revitalize your hair any time during the day.

The Simply Stylin’ range of hair care products is thoughtfully formulated with a unique blend of pure silicones and other beneficial ingredients for every hair type. We exclude inert fillers that will dilute our products’ performance. One thing to keep in mind to reap the rewards of silicone-based hair care products is that a little goes a long way. A dime-size amount is sufficient to achieve the ultimate shine, softness, bounce, and frizz-free hair!

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