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Why Silicone Hair Products?

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Silicones are extensively used in hair care formulas and have glorified the hair industry for more than 50 years. Nowadays, beliefs in “natural” and “clean” are taking over the hair care boulevard. Several ingredients such as sulfates and parabens are in the limelight for their questionable effects on our hair. Fresh on the beauty blacklist board, silicone appears to be next in line. But are silicones really bad?

Silicone hair products are perfectly safe for your hair. In fact, they are remarkably beneficial if you have frizzy, dry, or curly hair. Silicone is highly stable; its benefits do not compromise under heat or ultraviolet lights. The most common fuss about hair products with silicone is that they weigh hair down. The thing is, it’s all about the quality blend of the hair product and the way you use it. To fully optimize the benefits of silicone hair products, choose pure silicone hair products that are designated for your hair type. Washing your hair too frequently contributes to build-up. Calibrate your hair wash frequency according to how your hair reacts.

Before you start shopping for well-formulated pure silicone hair products, let’s revel in the benefits of silicone hair products.

Untwine Tangled Hair

Tangles happen when your hair cuticles are damaged and open up. Friction between raised cuticles blocks each other. Before you attempt to brush out these knots, applying a silicone hair serum after cleansing can help separate hair strands effortlessly. This will prevent hair breakage from over-brushing.

Counter Frizzy Hair

Heat, humidity, and environmental factors are the common contributors to frizzy hair. Silicone in hair products acts as a shield between your hair and these external elements. Applying a protective coating of leave-in silicone hair care before going to humid venues can prevent your hair from turning sleek to frizzy.

Soften and Smoothen Hair

Flyaways can make your hair appears lackluster and messy. Silicones in hair care products saturate porous hair cuticles, leaving them smooth and soft. Caress your tresses with a sheer coat of Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum and be smitten by the reborn softness.

Illuminate Lackluster Hair

Simply Stylin’ hair products are formulated with a powerful blend of pure silicones that are brilliant at revivifying the shine in your hair. Just a gentle mist of our Light Silk Spray after styling will give you that enviable long-lasting gloss.

Strengthen Hair Shaft

Besides strengthening weakened hair shafts, pure silicone treats can protect them from external damage. Fortify your mane by applying Simply Stylin’ before brushing yields healthier hair!


Protect from Heat Applications

Silicones are renowned for their high heat-resistance properties. Leave-in pure silicone hair products can guard your strands from excessive heat from styling tools such as flat irons and blow-dryers. 

Preserve Hair Styling

Are you sometimes annoyed with spending infinity flat-ironing your hair, just to have it revert back to pre-styling? An effective quick fix tip: Use our Silk Serum or Light Silk Spray prior to styling helps in the straightening process. The results: Straight, silkier, and smoother hair.

Revitalize Wigs and Hair Extensions

The finishing touch of most hair extensions, weaves, and wigs is a protective silicone coating. This coating protects your hair additions and prevents tangles from forming. However, this lamina may fade away over time due to shampooing, styling, and chemical processes. Just like your natural locks, if your wigs look tired, simply rejuvenate your investment with Simply Stylin'.

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