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Facts And Fictions About Silicones

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With all the conflicting information you would have heard about silicone in hair products, you may be wondering whether it’s worth trying them out. We believe that any decision you make has to be your own, and of course in the best interest of your hair! In this article, we untangle facts from fictions about silicone to help you make a well-informed decision.

Is Silicone a Synthetic Material?

Although silicone is derived from crystal quartz, which is a natural material, it is classified as synthetic because it undergoes chemical processing to become silicone. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that “synthetic” is synonymous with “toxic”. Silicone in hair products is most definitely not toxic for your hair and even comes with some great benefits.

Are Some Silicones Better Than Others?

There are many different types of silicones used in hair care products, and yes, some are better for your hair than others. For instance, you will want to ensure that the silicone in any product you use is water-soluble so that it is easily removed by a wash. If the silicone is not water-soluble, it will require a harsher shampoo to remove all traces of it. This can result in build-up over time, which can weigh down your hair.

Does Silicone Result in Excessive Build-Up of Product in Hair?

This is one major concern many people have about silicone in hair products, and we hear you. We are certainly not going to deny the possibility of this happening, but there are ways to reduce the likelihood. For one thing, you should opt for lightweight silicones such as dimethicone copolyol as they are less likely to weigh down your hair.

Practicing good hair washing habits is another way to prevent build-up in your hair. Always make sure that your hair is completely free from any shampoo or conditioner after a wash, and rotate between different hair care products. Using a silicone hair product once a week and one that is free from silicone the rest of the week is a good way to reap the benefits of silicone and ensure your hair doesn’t get weighed down.

Does Silicone Come with Benefits for Hair?

The short answer is: yes! Silicone can provide heat protection for your hair, keep frizz to a minimum, and give your hair a healthy shine even if it has been damaged previously.

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