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6 Problems Only Girls With Straight Hair Will Understand

Many people say that the grass is greener on the other side. Straight hair has its own fair share of complaints, being commonly regarded as boring, lifeless, and flat. Here are some problems only girls with straight hair will be able to relate to.

It Gets Greasy

Girls with straight hair may have smooth and silky hair, but the oil and grease they have to deal with is a nightmare. You can avoid touching your hair for the entire day, but it will still get extremely greasy at the end. When your straight hair becomes oily, you'll notice that it becomes limp, weighted down, and in dire need of some tender loving care. although your curly-haired pals can frequently go days without washing their hair, you'll need to wash yours on a daily basis. No thanks, smooth follicles.

No Volume

One of the worst things about having straight hair is the lack of volume. Regardless of the hair length, it still flattens. Want to maintain a short hairdo? Good luck with the upkeep. You can spend ours tousling your locks, but ten minutes later, it will still be practically impossible to achieve a boost or any semblance of volume. Trying to breathe life into straight hair is a feat best left to a professional.

Static Overload

One problem tons of straight-haired ladies are all too familiar with is static hair. All they need to do for static hair is rub their head against a specific type of fabrics that their heads dislike. Excessive brushing of the hair can also cause static, but brushing is a must, because knots always rear their ugly heads.

Way Too Many Products

Your bathrooms have become graveyards, filled with unopened and unused waxes, gels, pomades, hairsprays, and sea salt sprays. They also probably have the words “extreme hold” on the label. Remember those products that promised you the ideal textured beach waves and a lifetime of lush locks? That was a lie.

Lacking Variety

Straight hair may be timeless and classic, but that’s all it is. There is only one option, and that is straight. It lacks the texture required to give it a lift or any kind of pizzazz. No amount of wax, hairspray, gel, product, or expert curling iron techniques will give straight hair any kind of body. Furthermore, those products are likely to weigh our hair down and make it look oily, resulting in those temporary curls disappearing.

Knots Galore

You don’t need windy conditions for straight hair to get tangled. You must always have a comb or brush on hand at all times, in every circumstance. The elements are constantly working against straight hair, turning it into a bird’s nest or a nightmarish entity. There are tons of activities that result in knots, knots, and more knots.

Take Care of Your Straight Hair with RAM Atelier

RAM Atelier is a Dallas-based hair care company delivering silicone-based hair care products for natural hair, extensions, and wigs. Our Simply Stylin’ product range has many functions, including the ability to eliminate frizz, protect hair from heat applications, detangle hair, and keep hair looking and feeling great. Want to boost your straight hair? Look for your nearest Simply Stylin’ retailer today!

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