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8 Different Types Of Hair Spray You Should Already Know By Now

To take your look to the next level, one essential hair styling staple is hair spray. But there are various hair spray types. Regardless, they help your “do” last for hours and can give your hair style a nice finish. Additionally, to prep your hair for styling, you can also use hair spray.

As just mentioned, hair sprays come in various types. They can have differing features, hold levels, and more. To figure out which one works best for you and to help you understand this truly incredible product, check out the following information.

Hair Spray Hold Levels

Depending on the hold you need, there are different levels of holding power available where hair spray is concerned.

  • Ultimate hold hair spray – Extend or ultimate hold hair spray gives you the strongest hold. For a long time, this helps your hair style keep its shape. Perfect for hair styles that are more sophisticated such as braided updos, knots, and chignons.

  • Extreme hold – Fancy hair styles and fancy occasions go together. Extreme hair spray is called for when fancy updos are in the picture. To keep your style in place all day, or all night, you’ll need a long-lasting, strong hold for elaborate, intricate styles.

  • Firm hold - If you are creating various shapes like a flower shaped braid or a bow style updo, you will want to use firm hold hair spray. It doesn't leave a sticky residue but still gives your hair 24-hour protection against humidity.

  • Extra hold hair spray – Stronger than medium hold, this type is perfect for holding glamorous hair styles like waves and curls in place. Choose this product if you don't want added weight on your hair but still require a long-lasting, fabulous look.

  • Boost hold - If, in the volume department, you could use a little bit of help, this is the product you should choose. For beehives and bouffants, volume is a requirement. What's more, it won't make your hair feel sticky or stiff.

  • Medium hold - If, all at the same time, you want bounce, movement, and control, this is your product. For creating smooth hair styles, this type is great. Think sleek pigtails, slicked back hair dos, etc. This hair spray will also help if you have frizzy hair to keep strands in place.

  • Flexible/light hold hair spray - If you want to make sure that, in the middle of your day, flyaways don't suddenly pop up, this should be your hair spray. It also helps achieve a more natural look. If, throughout the day, you want to restyle your hair, because the hold isn't super strong, this is a good pick.

Gel Spray

There is also a product called “gel spray”. This is hair spray and hair gel in one. Instead of using your palms, you can easily spray it on your hair and get the same effect. For sleek hair styles and updos, this is great. As a bonus, it even has a UV filter and can help control frizz.

Superior Care for Your Wigs and Hair

At RAM Atelier, LLC, we provide silicone products for hair styling of a superior nature. For soft, frizz-free, shiny hair, nothing beats our supreme haircare products. Make styling a pleasure with our Simply Stylin’ hair products. They suit all types of hair including straight, relaxed, colored hair, fine, curly, wavy, and coarse hair. Our products will help you achieve longer, shinier, healthier hair.

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