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A Beginner's Guide To Choosing The Right Silicone Hair Products

Let's face it, throughout an average day, your hair can be subjected to some pretty ridiculous levels of wear and tear, stress and strain. That is, of course, during changing seasons, rain, wind, sun, etc. Let’s also remember how much extra torture we put our hair through – with curling irons, hot air blowdrying, hair straighteners, spontaneous color dyes, and the like. Now we’re talking serious damage!

Thankfully, silicone hair products can come to the rescue. Much of the abuse your hair suffers is relatively unavoidable. So when something comes along to help your hair be more manageable, tangle free, shinier, frizz-free, and more, it's definitely something you should consider. After all, you're not likely to stop blow drying or using a curling iron on your hair any time soon. There are those of us out there as well who wouldn't dream of walking out the door without the proper color, courtesy of a bottle or salon. No, we like our hair the way we like it. Fortunately, silicone hair products can help undo the damage – or even prevent it – that we constantly subject our hair to.

The Basics of Silicone

“An effective ingredient used very commonly in hair care products (and other products, as well) is the [man-made] polymer referred to as silicone. Where hair is concerned, it can help smooth and straighten, provide slip and shine, and generally give hair a conditioned, luxurious feel.” That comment, my friend, comes courtesy of an established, celebrity hairstylist! She should know.

Where silicones are concerned, there is more than just one item in this large class of materials. You will find a "-cone" at the end of most of them. Primarily, they are used to add shine and condition and lubricate hair.

The Benefits of Silicone Hair Products

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed through the use of silicone hair products. First of all, if hair is damaged and dry looking, silicone hair products can actually make it feel healthier. Why? Silicone fills in the porosity – split ends and frizz – and helps conditioner get into the hair… and then locks it in.

For protection against the elements, silicone works wonders. Each strand is waterproofed, shiny, and smooth. Thanks to its hydrophobic coating, it can give hair the feeling of being slippery when wet. Which in a world of blow drying and constant brushing, is definitely a coveted effect.

What about tangles? Who needs them! Silicone hair products can help with detangling, too. Then, of course, there is the added extra of conditioning.

So, what's not to love?

Occasional Drawbacks

As with most anything in this world, there are pluses and minuses where some silicone products and certain individuals are concerned. Not every person who uses a silicone-based hair product will have problems, however. Keep in mind that people react differently to certain products and situations.

Silicone is man-made. If you have a problem with man-made products and want something that is 100% natural, try to find "all natural" hair products. You may be hard-pressed, however, to find one that offers the numerous benefits that silicone-based hair products do – and at the level they provide.

Some people feel their hair feels slightly more weighted down with silicone products. If you wash your hair on a regular basis, however, any residue or heaviness should be eliminated in the process. If you end up with dry, brittle hair, you may not be washing and conditioning your hair properly.

Consider using hydrophobic silicones like those with dimethicone in them. Additionally, opt for a light silk spray for easy but lightweight coverage.

The Best Place for Beginners

Whether you’re new to silicone products or have been using them for some time, the best place to begin or continue shopping for high-quality hair products is through Simply Stylin’. Why? For starters, there are no fillers in our products. Why is that important? Because it helps us achieve our pursuit of making hairstyling a breeze and offering a product that has the maximum possible effect on hair.

Try our Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum or Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray today. You, too, can have healthier, shiny hair for longer periods of time.

Got questions? You can phone us at 972-769-9753 or email us at

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