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Best Hairstyle Ideas For Women - 8 Popular Hairstyles You Can Try In 2021

Is it time to transform your look with a new hairstyle and enter a new phase of life? You bet. But before you sprint to the salon, take a look at these trendy hairstyle ideas for some inspiration. Take note of the facial features you want to enhance, and not just your face shape.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are reminiscent of '90s fashion and beauty. It is a simple hairstyle for trying something new without making a drastic change to your hair length. This layering style works best with straight hair, and thickness is not an issue. Depending on how you want your face to be framed, the shortest layer may begin around your eyes or even your nose. If your hair has been growing rapidly, add shape and structure with face-framing layers. If you have thick hair, this cut will also give it movement and add lightness to your face.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs, as seen on tons of celebrities, are having their time in the spotlight. If you want to draw attention to your cheekbones, go for this classic fringe. Curtain bangs are a lot more low-maintenance than you might think. They are the entry point to bangs since they are so simple to wash and style. Further, because they're naturally long, they can be easily grown up and pinned back You can also chop them shorter and blend them into face-framing layers with ease. The goal, regardless of your hair type, is to get the shape perfect.

Heatless and Textured

More and more people have been embracing their natural texture this year, choosing to take a break from heat-styling to focus on self-care. Looking for a low-lift method sans hot tools to add volume and texture? Allow your hair to air-dry 90 percent of the way before spritzing it with texturizing spray and putting it in a bun for a few minutes. Let it down for naturally messy waves.

Chop It Off

The year has been a dramatic one, so what better than to chop off your hair? People are willing to let it go, whether it's from lengthy lengths to a shag or even a pixie. Big chops don’t require getting rid of all your hair. However, even though you have less hair to work with, remember to take care of it. Keep your tresses hydrated with a leave-in conditioner.

Modern Shag

The shag of the ‘70s has made a comeback. A lot of layers are needed to achieve the right texture for a lived-in yet cool effect. This cut is fantastic for folks who are all about embracing their natural texture. Even for curly-haired ladies who are hesitant to add bangs, this cut works with the curliest hair. It is seductive, powerful, and incredibly flattering. Feel free to experiment with a shag and blunt bangs (or not). You can even adapt the cut into your desired hair length.

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