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Dimethiconol Silicone: What Is It and Is It Safe for Your Hair?

If you pose the question, "What's dimethicone?" to most of your friends, you'd likely get that ‘deer in the headlights’ stare. Occasionally, you may come across someone who is big into ingredient labels on cosmetics or has a background in chemistry… but more times than not they'll have no idea what you're talking about. Now, if you pose the same question using the term “Dimethiconol Silicone”, you may get a different response, due to the word "silicone".

The use of this ingredient in cosmetics, hair care products, etc., has, in the past, been a controversial topic. But for every person who actively avoids silicone in makeup, hair care, and skincare products, there is someone else who swears unconditionally by their makeup primer or hair serum which is silicone based.

So, what's the real story here? Do you need to overhaul your entire medicine or makeup cabinet or is it just fine to use products containing dimethiconol silicone? We checked with some of the experts (trichologists and dermatologists) to get the facts.

Uses for Dimethiconol Silicone

A silicone-based polymer, dimethicone is used in many beauty products. Why? From it, the formula receives an incredibly slippery, velvety, smooth feel that is either loved or detested by users. Those who don't like it, probably won't use it again. Those who do – they fall in love with the product and are diehard fans of it. But there are various uses for this ingredient other than just its sensory properties.

Here are a few:

  • Contains occlusive properties (by forming a barrier on your skin, or creating a seal, prevents water loss)

  • As a skin conditioning agent, used as an emollient

  • Temporarily smooths wrinkles and fine lines

Thanks to those above-stated characteristics, you'll frequently find this ingredient in your moisturizers, hair products, makeup primers, foundations, etc. You can pretty much assume that it's in almost everything, unless the product specifically states that it's "silicone free".

Hair Care Products

The safety factor mentioned below contains information that can be applicable to hair products containing silicone as well. The fact is that if you need detangling properties, or would like to create a slippery, sleek feel to your hair, silicone products work well. With the use of high-quality silicone products, your hair can look healthier and super conditioned.

Should you feel you have a buildup of silicone in your hair, you have to properly wash and condition your hair on a regular basis. One would hope you would be doing this anyway! It is, after all, proper hair care – and that's important.

Safety Factors

There has been much hubbub about the question of whether or not silicones are safe. Here, we will refer specifically, of course, to dimethiconol silicone.

Here are the facts: Dimethicone, when used in cosmetic products, is safe. This comes to us courtesy of the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel. But wait, there's more. In no significant way will it likely be absorbed into the skin due to dimethicone’s large molecular weight.

Today, fewer and fewer board-certified dermatologists are concerned with skincare products containing dimethicone. It's refreshing to see that the research done on products and ingredients such as those listed here is finally paying off. Few things are worse than old wive’s tales that become "accepted facts".

Where to Find Silicone Hair Products That Are Reliable And Pure

Looking for a reliable, high-quality, pure silicone product? Look no further than those here, at RAM Atelier, LLC. There are no fillers in our products. Why? Because we want your hairstyling to be a breeze, and our products to have the maximum effect on your hair they possibly can.

Got questions? You can phone us at 972-769-9753 or email us at

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