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Hair Spray For Women: How To Use It Like A Pro

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Why do women use hair spray? It can help say hello to strong full hair and bye-bye to flyaways. From dusk till dawn, you can keep your hair in place better with the right kind of hair spray. However, you can also add shine to dull strands, protect hair from frizz, and achieve a voluminous look at your roots through the use of hair spray.

With a few tips regarding how to use hair spray for women, these results – and more – can be achieved.

Relatively effortless beauty is just a spritz away!

Hair Spray – Why Use It?

When most people think of hair spray, they see a product that holds hair where it is supposed to stay. But locking in style is only one of hair spray's powers. The difference between a strong hold and a flexible hold is that the flexible hold still allows hair to move for an appearance that is more natural. Typically used for up-dos and formal events, stronghold hair spray keeps hair planted firmly in place. If you're wearing your hair down, the flexible hold is a better option. It's also good for getting rid of flyaways.

You can give your dull-looking hair a natural shine with the right hair spray. So that your tresses shine brightly both night and day, hair spray can help you perfect your look.

For the Best Results

Half the challenge of using hair spray is knowing how to apply it. Here are four easy steps to mastering a natural style.

  • If your hair is free of impurities, grease, and or product buildup, you will achieve better results. Your hair should be clean before you apply hair spray. Shampoo that is gentle on your hair is always a good idea.

  • Your hair should be dry before you apply hair spray. If your hair is damp, and you apply hair spray, you may not achieve the desired results. Only when your style is ready to be locked down should you use hair spray.

  • The kind of hair spray you use also makes a difference. Different hair sprays suit different looks. Make sure you choose the right one.

  • Not so close! Make sure that you're keeping the right distance between the nozzle of your hair spray and your hair. Keep them approximately 5-6 inches apart. You're going for just enough hold and an even layer. You'll build up too much hair spray in one place and the product won't be applied evenly if you get too close.

You're going for even coverage, remember. You will get uneven application if you spend too much time in one area. Try to cover your entire head as uniformly as possible.

Additional tip: Flip your dry, clean tresses upside down and, at the roots, spray evenly. With your fingers, brush your hair downward if you’re after voluminous roots. Flip your hair the right way up after waiting a few seconds in that position.

The Best Hair Spray for Your Wigs and Hair

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