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Hair Style Tutorial How To Create Volume Using Hairspray

Would you like to learn how to create volume in hair using hairspray? We're going to give you a number of tips and methods through which to add a bit of volume to your hair.

One great way to maintain healthy hair is to allow your hair to air dry. Unfortunately, your hair can also be left lifeless and flat if you forgo the blowdryer.

To add volume to your locks, there are a variety of styling techniques and hair products. Here are two suggestions right off the bat: If you currently use a mousse or hairspray, opt for a dry shampoo. You may also use curlers or a comb to style your hair. These are just a couple of the ways that air dried hair can achieve added volume.

Now let's explore some other methods and products.

Adding Volume with Hair Products

Use dry shampoo to spray your hair: With dry shampoo, you can add volume to dirty hair while zapping out oils. Along both sides of your part, spray a small amount of the dry shampoo. With your fingertips, massage in to add volume near the roots.

By using dry shampoo applied to your hair's underside, you can also add overall volume. To create volume: Over your head, flip your hair, and then spray throughout the bottom layers.

To add volume, consider using a volumizing hairspray: Flip your head downward and, in the direction of the floor, let your hair dangle. Give your head a good shake and then flip your head up. About a foot away from your hair, hold the can of hairspray with one hand and, with the other hand, lift up individual sections of hair. The underside of your strands should be sprayed and then, before moving on to another section, allowed to dry.

A root boosting spray may do the trick: Root boosters can be used when your hair is dry or damp to help your hair maintain volume at the roots. Lift up small sections of your hair with one hand and hold the spray with your other hand. Directly onto your roots, spray the product. Use a hairdryer afterward to lock-in the volume with heat.

Using A Mousse For Thickening

The use of a sculpting foam or mousse is a good way to give your hair a fuller look. Any hair type should be compatible. In your palm, dispense the product (it should stand about an inch high). Lift some of the product up with your other hand and distribute it evenly into your hair (your hair should be air dried). Grab your hair dryer (medium setting) once your hair is coated evenly and work your hands through your hair. As you dry the product, work your hair from the root to the tips.

Give Your Hair Volume with Simply Stylin’ Hair Products

At RAM Atelier, LLC, we provide silicone products for hair styling to help add volume to hair. Make styling a breeze with our Simply Stylin’ hair products. They suit all types of hair including straight, curly, colored, fine, wavy, relaxed, and coarse.

For frizz-free, shiny, and soft hair, nothing beats our unique haircare products. Our products will help you achieve shinier, healthier, and more beautiful hair.

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