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How Often Should You Use Hair Serum And What Are The Benefits?

Currently, the use of a hair serum is far from a secret. People with problem hair are making good use of it every day. To make hair more manageable, smooth, and shiny, the go-to solution for numerous individuals is hair serum. But not just any hair serum will do! It should be silicone-based. Why? Because no silicone-free product on the market can match the benefits provided by silicone-based hair serum and sprays. It can help protect hair from damaging heat treatments, and help manage frizzy hair, split ends, and fly-a-ways. What's more, it can help fight Mother Nature’s conditions, such as high humidity.

For many people who deal with problem hair, one of the most noteworthy essentials in their haircare treatment regime is a silicone-based hair serum.

In the early days of silicone-based products, however, there was a problem with buildup. That's less of an issue today because hair serums are specially formulated. In addition, using them correctly can make all the difference.

How often you use hair serum can have everything to do with the kind of hair you're trying to treat or manage.

How Often should You Use the Hair Serum For the Desired Effect?

  • Thin hair – You might want to take precautions, or your hair will look a little tacky and your bounciness is reduced if you apply too much too often.

  • Thick hair – Use a “sewing” method of sorts to make hair look thick equally, all over. You can regularly apply serum without much worry.

  • Before you use hairstyling tools – Prior to using appliances on your hair, particularly if they produce heat, apply hair serum. It basically shields your hair against damaging heat treatments.

The Benefits of Hair Serum

In a nutshell, the following benefits can be enjoyed through the use of silicone-based hair serum or spray:

  • Do you use heat on your hair? If so, you probably already know the damage it can do. Not so, however, when you use silicone-based haircare products. Because it coats your hair, it helps protect against heat damage.

  • Maximum smoothness can be achieved with the right silicone-based product.

  • If you'd like straighter, smoother, and silkier hair, silicone-based products are indispensable.

  • To add brilliant shine to hair, nothing beats silicone-based hair serum.

  • To protect your hair from outer damage, fortify hair shafts, and strengthen hair, a silicone-based serum can’t be beat.

  • You can refresh and revitalize your hair extensions and/or wigs.

  • You can fight frizz better than ever before.

  • With a comb and a little hair serum, you can detangle even the worst knots and snarls.

In your search for the ideal hair serum, have you come up empty? We can fix that! RAM Atelier would like to introduce our two silicone-based haircare products: Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum and our Simply Stylin’ Light Spray. Especially for those with problem hair, this is the solution you've been hoping for.

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