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Important Things Hairstylists Want You To Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Whether it’s the latest trends or you’re wanting to change up your look, coloring the hair is a quick and easy way to inject your personality into your appearance. Thanks to the advances in the cosmetics industry, you no longer have to rely on the hairdresser in order to dye your hair. These days, you can simply head to your nearest drugstore to purchase a box of hair dye and do it yourself! No worries, as the instructions are incredibly clear-cut and easy to use. However, while the application of hair dye is not a cause of concern, there are a number of things to note before coloring hair. Here are some tips and tricks hairstylists want you to know.

Work Towards Hydrated Hair

Before coloring, try to prime your hair in order to prevent breakage and further damage. It is no secret that hair dye is incredibly drying and in some cases, even harmful to our scalp, so do take an effort to moisturize your hair consistently. According to many professional colorists, a day or two before you’re planning to dye your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair mask to plump up your hair’s cuticle. This allows for a better canvas for the hair color to sit on. Moving forward, it’s recommended to apply a hair mask every once a week to maintain your hair’s shine and smoothness.

Do Not Shampoo Before Coloring

Find that your hair is a little oily? Leave it alone as these oils are the natural oils produced by the scalp and they’re actually good for you. Acting as a barrier and bodyguard against pollutants and other harsh chemicals, the oils would protect your hair against damage and ensure that your strands remain well-hydrated. As shampoo can get rid of these oils, colorists and hairstylists have recommended avoiding shampooing for a day or two before the coloring process. This enables the hair oils to accumulate, which allows for a healthier post-color.

Go for a Color that Compliments Your Skin Tone

Everyone’s skin tone is different, so do not fall under the impression that all hair colors work for you. While there’s no stopping you from applying a specific color, you should choose a hair color that best suits your skin tone in order to be more flattering. For a point of reference, you can use jewelry to find out what’s your skin tone. If you look better in gold jewelry, you have a warm skin tone so chocolate brown and platinum hair colors are suitable. If silver jewelry is more your thing, you have a cooler complexion that compliments warmer red, deeper blonde, and golden brown colors.

Be Patient!

The process of hair coloring is a long process, so get ready to wait around 30 minutes to an hour for your hair to get the proper coverage of the dye. As such, we recommend dying your hair at a time when you’re free and not in a hurry to get somewhere. Depending on the type of hair dye you purchase and the brand, you should adhere to the recommended timing stated on the packaging. If you have naturally grey hairs, we recommend waiting for a further 10 minutes in order for the hair to be sufficiently coated of the color.

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