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Pros And Cons Of Silicone-Based Hair Products

Sadly, there are seemingly unlimited myths and falsehoods around about how horrible silicones are for natural hair. The thing about many blanket statements such as this is – particularly in this case – the truth is missing. Granted, there are both disadvantages and advantages of silicone-based hair products, whether you're using them on artificial hair or natural hair. Here, we are going to dispel some of the rumors.

Natural Hair Can Benefit from Silicones

Here are some of the reasons why hair can benefit from the use of silicones:

  • When you're heat styling, excellent protection is offered by serums containing dimethicone. However, these are not water-soluble, so take care.

  • Making hair easier to detangle and comb, they lubricate and coat hair shafts.

  • By evaporating, light silicones assist nutrients in entering the shaft of your hair.

  • Hair is softened.

  • By coating the hair strands, help to add volume and give it more weight.

  • Assists in sealing in moisture.

  • By coating the hair strands, reduce frizz and make hair appear more shiny and smoother.

  • Gives the appearance of healthy growing hair by boosting shine.

Silicone Products Do Have Disadvantages

Keep in mind that the disadvantages listed here are not experienced by all users of silicone-based hair products. In some cases, the disadvantages to silicone products are as follows:

  • Some individuals may find their hair is or feels weighted down from heavyweight silicones.

  • What can be described as a "greasy appearance" may be present on some hair types when silicone products are used. This tends to be more of a problem for slightly wavy or straight hair, not so much, however, for other types of hair such as curly or super thick.

  • Some damage to hair may be experienced when non-soluble silicones build up. Look for water-soluble silicones or wash your hair more frequently. Otherwise, hair breakage may be experienced, even though you’re trying to do good things for your hair with silicone.

Additional Information

In many of today's hair products, you will find silicones. Think hair gels, conditioners, shampoos, and more. The specific silicones contained within a product can greatly determine the degree of performance for any given product. Additionally, the state of one's hair and the concentration of silicones in a product can have a lot to do with how a product performs.

Overall, people wishing to add softness, improve manageability, prevent frizz, or detangle their hair will have success using high-quality, reliable silicone hair products. As with any skin care or hair care methods, however, some individuals may prefer alternate products or techniques.

Where to Find Silicone Hair Products That Are Reliable And Pure

We carry pure silicone products of a superior nature for hairstyling at RAM Atelier, LLC. If you would like shiny, soft, frizz-free hair, there's nothing like our pure silicone products. Our products are pure – no fillers – and there's a good reason for that! Our aim is to make hairstyling a breeze and for our products to have the maximum possible effect on your hair.

Whether you have coarse, relaxed, wavy, curly, fine, colored, or straight hair – Simply Stylin’ products will help you have shiny, healthier hair for longer periods of time.

Got questions? You can phone us at 972-769-9753 or email us at

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