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Pure Silicone Hair Serum: Yay Or Nay?

Especially where the world of haircare is concerned, the business of “free from” beauty products is booming – from department stores to supermarket shelves. Currently under the microscope are ingredients like silicones. However, is silicone in hair products truly so horrible? Is your hair regime improved without them or does your hair look better when you use silicone products?

Here, we're going to take a look at silicones, what they do, why they've received such bad press, and if going silicone free is a good idea.

The Purpose of Silicones

The benefits of silicones, where immediate cosmetic results are desired, are hard to find elsewhere. They didn't get to be one of the most prevalent ingredients in haircare for nothing, after all! Though they can be found in some shampoos, oils, and serums, they are most frequently found in conditioners. For a range of different hair types, they can do various jobs, making them particularly desirable. Here are some of the reasons that silicone (in haircare products) is widely used:

  • When heated, it increases the size of your hair strands. Silicone gets under the cuticle so it's perfect for fine hair. It makes hair look thicker by "puffing" it out.

  • Great for anti-frizz and smoothing, it leaves a lightweight coating on hair.

  • Especially nice for dry hair. It can help retain/absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

Bad Press and Misinformation

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits of using silicone, why would anyone want to go silicone free? Let's begin by taking a look at some products of the past that were, more or less, responsible for so many people looking at silicone in a bad light.

Silicones were being used in timesaving, all-in-one shampoos when they were first introduced to the haircare market. For their time and purpose, they were fantastic. Here's the thing, however: They tended to make hair limp because they built up over time, weighing the hair down. That made things like peeking and coloring, and other services, hard to accomplish. Thus started the bad press about silicone.

As with most things, however, the knowledge about silicone and the products it was used in developed over time. Better methods of use were discovered as well as varying formulas. The problem still lingered, however, concerning long-term usage.

Eventually, as with many of today's products, silicone became better understood and used more appropriately. For dealing with frizzy hair, silicone proved to be revolutionary. Though it could still build up, it also helped to hide damage that was occurring to hair from the use of curling irons, blow dryers, etc. Silicone made hair look shiny, despite the wear and tear it may have gone through. As a result, for people who were using silicone on a regular basis, hair looked terrible when the silicone product wasn't used.

Today's Silicone Products

The problem of buildup has been done away with where many of today's silicone products are concerned. Most are shampoo soluble. Without the use of silicone, the performance of hair products simply can't measure up.

How much silicone is used, and the method of application can make a big difference, as well. The less you use, the better. But you need to use enough to accomplish your desired result.

Too much can possibly – though not necessarily – make your hairy look lifeless, greasy, and dull. This might also happen if silicone is overused.

Some people's aversion to chemicals in general makes them steer clear of silicone products. Here's an important take away – neither your hair nor your skin will be harmed by silicones because they are completely inert.

Though there are some environmental concerns regarding silicone and silicone products, it remains – when compared to plastic – far more environmentally friendly. Though not biodegradable, it is recyclable in general. In certain environments, some silicones can break down to their basic components relatively readily.

Are silicone products right for you? Only you can answer that. Remember, however, the many benefits of silicone in hair products.

If you're looking for pure silicone for styling and frizz-free, shiny, soft hair, look no further than Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray and Simply Stylin’ Silk products.

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