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Quick And Easy Ways To Style Long Hair For Any Hair Type

Throughout the lockdowns and self-imposed isolations over the past year, many of us have seen our hair grow longer than ever before. If you are embracing this new length and looking to do something fun with it, we hear you. Long hair can bring about many options you simply don’t have with shorter hair. Find out how to style long hair for different hair types in this article.

Wavy Hair

If you have been blessed with naturally wavy hair or if it’s your go-to look to achieve, below are some ways you can style it when it starts to get long:

· Consider a generous side part, which can add some volume at the roots.

· For those lazy hair days, you may wish to go for a messy bun. Leave some tendrils out to keep the style from looking too severe and you are all good to go!

· Tired of hair constantly slipping into your eyes? Why not slick back the roots and let it flow freely in the back – the perfect way to get the best of both worlds!

Straight Hair

With long straight hair, you may be wondering how you can prevent it from looking stick straight without going too wild. Below are some great styling tips to try out:

· By curling just the ends of your hair and sweeping the lengths over one shoulder, you can achieve a sleek and sultry look effortlessly.

· Don’t wish to break out the curling irons? With a deep side parting, you can easily achieve a classic, low-maintenance look.

· For a more carefree look and feel, consider some shorter face-framing layers. This comes with the benefit of removing some weight without compromising on length altogether.

· Prefer a sleek look with no flyaway strands? Heat protection is the answer – always use a shine spray when styling your hair.

Curly Hair

Who says girls with curly hair can’t have fun? Try out some of these ways of styling your long hair:

· Keeping curly hair under control can be a struggle on its own. Using curl-defining products can go a long way in this aspect.

· Looking to get some additional volume around your crown? Tip your hair outside down, apply volumizing spray, and tuck the under layers behind your ears – there you have it!

· To get curly hair if you don’t have natural curls, a thick-barrelled curling wand is your best friend. Follow up with lots of texture spray while brushing out the curls, and you are all set.

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