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The Do's And Don'ts When Blow-Drying Your Hair According To Hairstylists

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Blow-drying remains the preferred choice of many when it comes to drying their freshly-washed hair. Ladies with long or short hair use the hairdryer for their hair routine as they don’t fancy the frizz and untidiness of their natural locks. Blow-drying helps to tame their patchy waves and frizziness. However, if you don’t know the codes of this heat application, you risk causing more harm than good. The way you blow-dry your hair can either give you a salon-style blowout or damage your precious locks and cause more frizz and breakage! Here are 7 dos and don’ts of blow-drying your hair before your next hair wash.

Do Protect Your Hair

Heat protectants function as a barrier between your tresses and the hairdryer. They transfer the heat gradually from the heat tool to your hair shaft. This gentle and uniform heat distribution helps to lessen the damage to your hair. While you are at it, make the most out of your damp hair; use a nourishing heat protectant formulated with pure silicone. Silicone-based heat protectant offers a twofold benefit. It helps to seal in the moisture on your damp hair and protects your strands from the heat at the same time.

Do Air-Dry Your Hair First

Blowing your vulnerable sopping wet hair not only exposes it to destruction but also increases your blow-drying time. The longer your hair is under the hairdryer, the more heat it has to endure. Wrap it up with a microfiber towel and proceed with your skincare and body care routine. You can minimize the risk of damaging your hair cuticles with a little patience.

Do Use the Right Tool

Do invest in a good hairdryer. After all, quality hairdryers are made to last. Ionic hairdryer helps to reduce frizz and dry hair faster with gentle temperature. A ceramic hairdryer distributes heat more evenly and helps to preserve hair moisture.

Do Use Lower Heat Setting

We are constantly rushing for something; being stationary while blow-drying your hair may seem like an eternity. Most of our hairdryers are set at the strongest and highest heat settings. It may take longer, but a lower temperature setting will dry your hair less aggressively. Plan your hair wash routine at a comfortable-paced day so that you can enjoy the process and not rush it through.

Do Blow Downwards

Our hair strands are protected by scales-lookalike hair cuticles. In their optimal state, they are downward facing and flat. Blowing your hair in an upwards motion will cause the hair cuticles to rise, that’s how frizzy hair looks like. Always blowing downwards helps keep the cuticles flat and smooth.

Don’t Brush When Your Hair Is Wet

Avoid brushing right after washing because your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. Wet hair is ultra fragile and vulnerable to breakage, split ends, and damage. In addition, freshly cleansed hair roots are softened, so even a little tension can trigger a lot of shedding. If you want to style your curls in place before blow-drying, run your fingers through slightly. If you have tangles, use a wide-tooth comb to restore order gently.

Don’t Stop Moving

Don’t get distracted by your phone and keep your hairdryer at one spot! This can roast your scalp and hair follicles. Keep moving the hairdryer around.

With these codes on hand, take pleasure in your next refreshing hair wash and style your healthy and shiny hair with confidence!

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