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What Is Hair Serum And Why Do You Need One?

If you have naturally fine hair, do you have to worry about it being weighed down by the use of hair serum? That depends. The quality of your hair serum and the brand you use are determining factors.

The opinions on hair serum are divided, depending on who you talk to. You'll still find a few people who just aren't sure if their hair routine should include the regular use of hair serums. On the other hand, there are those who view hair serum as having revolutionized their hair’s appearance.

What is hair serum? Is it right for you? How does it work? What's the best way to get all you can out of it?

Uses of Hair Serum

Usually formulated using silicones, hair serum is a liquid-based treatment that provides the fibers of your hair with a protective layer. This can, for one, help smooth frizz. Light is then reflected by this smooth layer. As a result, your hair looks shinier when you use hair serum, but not greasy.

For some individuals, to smooth out their hair, hair serum removes the need for straighteners. That saves hair from heat damage and cuts back on styling time.

So, It's Just Used To Treat Frizz?

There is far more to hair serum than being a substantial frizz tamer. Multiple concerns can be addressed by using the right hair serum, depending on your type of hair. Here are the benefits of hair serum:

  • Protects against pollution

  • Repairs damage

  • Detangling hair

  • Adds shine

  • Hides split ends

  • Smooths your hair

Hair Serum Application

After using your shampoo and conditioner, hair serum is usually applied to hair that is wet or has been towel-dried. An application to dry hair can be used, depending on the serum and the desired result.

Into the palm of your hand, apply a few drops of serum. Together, rub your hands and then use them – working from the roots to the tip – to smooth down your hair. More drops may be required for longer or thicker hair. To ensure the serum is distributed evenly, and to remove any tangles, you may choose to use a comb.

Because your hair is provided with a protective coating through the use of serum, when hair straighteners and heated tools are a part of your hair care regime, it can prevent damage through adequate application. The active ingredients in hair serums protect against heat damage while still providing high shine and fighting frizz.

What About Fine Hair?

People with naturally fine hair sometimes think that if they use hair serum it will weigh their hair down. This is a common misconception, so let's clear it up. Of course, a lot depends on the quantity used and the type of hair serum. Fine hair can actually look healthier and thicker, while being strengthened and repaired, by the right hair serum.

If your hair frequently looks greasy at the roots or lacks volume, the application of your serum should be focused on the tips and the lengths using just a couple of drops.

If you want to thicken your hair, you can achieve greater volume and density through the use of certain serums.

Are you searching for the best hair serum? Look no further than Simply Stylin’ by RAM Atelier.

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