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Why You Should Use Hair Products With Coconut Cream

Coconut cream, or coconut milk in general, isn’t just used for cooking. Turns out, it can be great for the hair as well. But before we elaborate on the advantages of coconut cream in hair products, let’s talk about what exactly is coconut cream. Coconut cream is similar to coconut milk in that both comprise just two ingredients: coconut and water. The only difference is that coconut cream simply contains a higher fat content. Now that we got that out of the way, here are the benefits of using hair products with coconut cream.

Strengthen Hair Cuticle

A strong hair cuticle is the answer to healthier, longer hair. Therefore, the hair cuticle is by far the most important aspect of our hair. The hair cuticle is the topmost layer of our hair, made out of a protein called keratin. Besides protecting the other two layers from damage, the hair cuticle gives our hair shine by maintaining the hair’s natural hydration level. When the cuticle opens, moisture can leave the hair shaft easily, resulting in dehydrated and dull hair. Coconut cream solves this issue as it contains a high concentration of lauric acid, which seals the cuticle, thus nourishing the hair and preventing breakage.

Moisturize Dry Scalp

Many have sworn to use coconut cream as a home remedy for treating dry hair, and it’s no secret why. Coconut oil is naturally loaded with vitamins, proteins, and acids that, among other things, moisturize the scalp, repair damage, and soothe irritation. As mentioned above, the lauric acid in coconut cream can help retain moisture in the scalp. However, it can also detoxify the scalp of any bacteria, especially in those suffering from dandruff. Itching or any inflammation caused by dandruff can also be relieved with coconut cream.

Accelerate Hair Growth

Coconut oil is rich in the antioxidant vitamins B and E, which have been researched to combat hair loss. One of vitamin B’s main responsibilities is to carry red blood cells. An abundance of vitamin B means that oxygen and other nutrients can be efficiently carried to the scalp, thus creating a healthier environment for hair growth. Vitamin E, on the other hand, prevents hair loss by reducing oxidative stress on the scalp. Oxidative stress occurs when the hair is exposed to excessive sunlight and humidity, weakening the scalp over time.

Repair Splits Ends

Unfortunately, split ends can never be truly cured. The only way to completely get rid of splits ends is by trimming them off. If you’re planning to retain your hair length, you can consider applying coconut cream on the split ends to mend them. Since coconut cream has a natural fatty acid profile, it contains several moisturizing properties. Apply the cream from the roots to the tips, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on overnight as a hair mask. In the morning, you’ll find that your hair is smoother and shinier.

Achieve Shinier, Healthier Hair with RAM Atelier, LLC

Find that your hair gets tangled easily or just looks dull and dehydrated? Look no further for a solution as our Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum and Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray are here to solve your problems. Our products are made with the highest quality of pure silicones and contain no fillers. Simply incorporate them into your hair routine to achieve smoother and softer hair that’s not greasy. You can also apply our products to wigs and hair extensions to refresh them.

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