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7 Problems Only Girls With Long Hair Will Understand

Fall in long hair devotees! If you have grander than shoulder-length hair, most likely you deal with your strands hampering your daily activities. From applying makeup to feasting, your beloved strands can get in your way several times throughout a single day.

Oftentimes, we are so attached to our tresses that even an occasional trim hurts. Whether it’s the femininity or the varied hairstyles of having long hair, you are determined to endure daily hassles and annoyances. No matter how troublesome the shortcomings of having long hair are, you are unwilling and can’t bear to part with it. And that's totally justifiable. Long hair struggles are real, let us share with you some of them.

You Loath Clogged Drains

When you realize that pool of water under your feet in the shower, you know it’s time for that gross yanking ritual. We shed an average of 100 strands per day. Inevitably, long hair tangles into a clump of soggy matted mess rapidly on the drain cover. You are in a tight spot and you feel queazy, but you have to clear that clog.

You Live in Hairyland

There is probably enough hair on your bathroom floor that you can make a wig out of them! It’s not fun to see those hairballs rolling around the house. You try your best to vacuum those loose strands, and almost instantaneously you see more. You probably have to double up your cleaning than those with short hair.

You Are Forced to Wear It Up on Hot Days

We keep our hair long so that we can let it down and look pretty! However, some days you just have to resist this urge. A sweaty neck is not pleasant. As much as we want to flaunt our long manes, chances are we will end up in a sticky mess on a hot and humid day. Your best bet, pull it back into a ponytail or bun it up.

You Can Never Just Wash and Go

Longer hair means longer time needed for your hair care routine. Long hair girls don’t exactly have a wash-and-go lifestyle. Washing, conditioning, drying and styling, it’s a process. On a hot day, after you are finally done with blow-drying, you probably want to go right back for a rinse!

You Battle with Hair Ties

Hair ties, you must have a ton of them. They go missing, they can’t stretch anymore and they snap. You tried many different kinds, they still snap. You tie it two times, it’s too loose, and if you tie it thrice, it’s too tight. And when you try to undo them, you get a bunch of hair around the tie. You will probably have better luck with scrunchies.

You Dread Windy Days

When the forecast says windy days, long hair girls will probably think tangles and knots. Your hair will end up like a nest-looking mess. And it’s painful to brush them out! And if you happen to be eating something sticky, you might want to isolate yourself from the wind. A gust of wind and your hair will find its way to your chocolate chip ice cream.

You Are Weary of Zips

If you don’t have long locks, you probably won’t comprehend how your hair can get stuck in the weirdest places. Sweater zips and coat zips, there are certainly not long hair girls’ best friends. Just a slipped moment and your hair will get zipped. Oh yes, not forgetting purses, shoulder straps of your bag, and armpits!

Finding the best shampoo, conditioner, and styling hair care products is another constant struggle of long hair girls. But what matters most is you love how it looks.

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