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Wavy Hair Care Tips By Experts You Can Try At Home

To have naturally wavy hair is a source of envy for many women. There are many variations of wavy hair, ranging from beachy and sultry to carefree and classy. Regardless of which specific style you have, wavy hair can also be difficult to maintain as it sits between straight and curly hair, making it rather delicate. As such, in order to retain your hair’s natural waves, and to keep it shiny and smooth for a long time, there are proper ways to wash, care for, and style your hair. In this post, we’ll be addressing some tips and tricks for wavy hair care.

Wrap Your Hair in a Bun Before Going to Bed

Here’s a little fact about sleeping: Laying in bed can damage your hair, especially if you’re sleeping on cotton pillowcases. Therefore, to minimize the negative effect, you can consider putting your hair in buns while you sleep. After getting out of the shower and towel drying your hair, apply a conditioning serum or cream and then proceed to loosely tie up your hair. This allows for soft curls to appear in the morning and is a great way to style your hair without the use of heat styling tools, which can dry the hair and lead to hair breakage.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

As mentioned above, persistent exposure to high heat can cause your hair to lose its moisture over time, resulting in dull and dry hair. This goes for using a hairdryer as well since blow drying your hair can lead to poofy waves that are not as attractive. If possible, it’s best to simply let your hair dry naturally. After you have showered, go about your day getting dressed or doing your skincare and makeup as you let your hair dry. If you’re in a rush and you have to use a hairdryer, do make sure to apply a heat protectant spray first in order to minimize the damage and prevent further dryness of your hair.

Keep Combing to a Minimal

Unfortunately, combing does cause damage to our hair, especially if you use it straight after showering or have applied a styling product. As such, as an alternative to combing, you can straighten out any tangles in your hair using your fingers. Afterward, you can use a wide-tooth comb, which is less damaging compared to other combs, to detangle any knots left. Start with the ends of your hair before working up to your roots. By combing from the roots all the way down to your ends, you’re distributing the natural oils on your scalp to the ends, moisturizing it and giving it a shine. Under no circumstances should you use a brush as it can cause hair breakage and ruin the shape of your waves.

Trim Hair Frequently

Environmental conditions, sun exposure, heat exposure, and pollutants all contribute to the weakening of our hair. As some of the mentioned factors are inevitable, the only way to keep our hair healthy is to care for it on a regular basis. And one of those ways is to frequently trim the hair, especially if there are split ends. Split ends can cause the hair to lose its shine and waves over time, so it’s crucial to get rid of them as early as possible in order to prevent further weakening of your hair.

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