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Wig Care 101: Must Have Items & Accessories For Wig Maintenance

If you’re planning to use a wig for the first time, it’s understandable that you might feel overwhelmed. This hair accessory may look intimidating at first, but with enough practice and experience over time, you’ll get used to wearing one with ease. When it comes to wearing a wig, you must not only purchase a wig, but also a range of items and accessories. These items ensure that your wigs remain in good condition for a long time and are placed in a proper position that does not affect their quality. As such, if you’ll like to know which accessories to purchase for wig maintenance, continue reading.

Wig Stand

No, you can’t just toss your wig whenever it’s not in use. As wearing wigs all the time is bad for your natural hair and we do not recommend doing so, this means that you have to properly store your wigs when you’re not using them. This is where a wig stand comes in. A wig stand preserves the shape and structure of the wig, extending its life cycle. Storing your wig on a wig stand also prevents the wig from tangling and allows you to easily clean the wig when placed on a table. Due to its function, a wig stand should absolutely be purchased if you’re planning to use wigs on a consistent basis.

Wig Bags

While you’re traveling, it can be a tricky task to store your wigs without damaging them. If you’re a frequent traveler, we recommend investing in wig bags, which are specially designed to provide suitable storage for wigs, hair extensions, and other hairpieces. These bags also prevent the wigs from getting tangled up. However, if you’re unable to find a wig bag, placing your wigs into ziplock bags should be fine, though it’s not preferred.

Tape and Adhesives

In order for the wig to stay in place, you need to grip the wig using wig tapes and adhesives. Wig tapes differ from regular tapes as they are medical-grade and safe for the skin. The tapes are double-sided and you can simply tape it to the scalp to secure the wig in its place. Proper placement of the wig is important as it gives a natural appearance and provides a strong hold, so your wigs do not fall off easily, which can cause embarrassment in some situations. Considering that wig tapes can last a long time, they are a budget-friendly option as you do not have to repeatedly purchase them. In addition to wig tapes and adhesives, toupee clips are also popular among hairdressers.

Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like natural hair, we do need to constantly clean our wigs for hygiene purposes. However, do take note to use wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners that are not harsh. Many regular hair care products contain harmful chemicals that can dry out the wig, causing it to look frizzy, matted, and overly shiny. If you’re not keen on using store-bought synthetic hair care products, you can simply DIY it yourself using ingredients you can find in your home. Depending on the material used for your wig, it could simply involve some water and baking soda!

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