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8 Popular Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Many hair myths have been passed down from generation to generation, just because you hear it so many times doesn't mean it's true! Who hasn’t fallen for trimming their hair with hopes to spark faster growth? You are not the only one. Why do people fall for them? Maybe they seem logical.

Hair myths may be entertaining, but the bigger problem is that you may end up damaging your hair instead. It’s time to differentiate hair myths from hair facts.

Plucking a Gray Strand Makes More Grow

Every single hair follicle is responsible for one hair strand; no chance plucking one gray can lead to multiplication. The truth is gray hair occurs when the pigment cells in our hair follicles perish. Moreover, plucking a gray strand causes damage to your hair follicles. If it disturbs you, snip instead of pluck. A fun way to cover stubborn grays is to consider hair extensions.

Rinsing Your Hair with Cold Water for Extra Shine

While washing your face with cold water helps to close pores, it doesn’t work the same way with our tresses. Instead, warm water probably fares better at removing build-ups. No more rushing through your cold shower for the sake of shine.

Shampooing Your Hair Daily Keeps Grease at Bay

Your body is empowered with self-regulating qualities and would likely overproduce to compensate for the loss of oils. While shampoo is meant to take away the dirt and grease, overdoing it is counterproductive. If your lifestyle necessitates daily shampooing, switch to gentle sulfate-free formulas.

Foaming Means a Good Cleanse

We often reckon that more bubbles mean deeper cleansing. While they are fun, bubbles are by-products of harsh cleaning agents in sulfate shampoos which can strip necessary nutrients and oil.

Trimming Your Hair Promotes Growth

Hair grows from follicles rooted in the scalp. There is no chance to associate trimming the ends of your hair with hair growth. That said, trimming periodically helps to ensure minimum split ends, a golden rule if you want long and healthy hair.

Natural Oil Is Good for Your hair

There is no doubt that some natural oils formulated in hair care products are beneficial for your hair. However, in its raw form, ingredients such as avocado oil and honey are not capable of penetrating your hair shaft. Their benefits remain on the surface without any lasting improvement.

Split Ends Can Be Repaired

The sad news is, a split end is the result of damaged hair cuticles, there is no way you can seal it back. The only way to manage split ends is regular trims to get rid of them. Regular trimming will give your hair a healthier fuller look, which will compensate for any length lost.

Silicones Are Harmful

One of the latest hype is going silicone-free. Some prefer not to use silicone for its synthetic nature; some may have bad experiences with silicone hair products. The verity is silicones, when used correctly, can add shine, retain moisture and banish frizz. Silicones hair products also help to keep your blowout long-lasting. The key is to choose the right silicone hair products.

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