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A Complete Guide To Caring For And Washing Coarse Hair

You should have already known by now that coarse hair does not necessarily mean dry hair. While dryness plays a significant role in leading to coarse hair, coarseness actually indicates the diameter or circumference of each hair strand. As such, coarse hair describes hair strands that are thick and wide. Due to the thick hair strand, this prevents the hair from being well-moisturized, leading to dryness and other conditions. If you would like to know more about coarse hair care and how to better manage coarse hair, continue reading.

Apply Conditioning Creams and Serums

Conditioning creams and serums generally do wonders for the hair as it adds hydration to keep the hair looking shiny, smooth, and luscious. Since coarse hair tends to cause frizziness, you can restore the hair shaft to its natural shape by flattening it with such creams. While there are many conditioning serums available in the market, we recommend going with one that’s sulfate-free. The reason is that sulfate contains salt, which draws moisture away from the hair, speeding up dryness. A good sulfate-free serum would be the Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum that’s made from the highest quality silicones and is non-greasy.

Avoid Applying Alcohol-Based Products

Most hair care products like hair sprays and hair gels contain high amounts of alcohol. Even though these products all serve a specific purpose and allow us to achieve the desired result or look, they can cause much damage to the hair due to one ingredient. Alcohol can result in coarse hair as it strips the hair of moisture and is incredibly harsh in nature. As such, if possible, always opt for alcohol-free products in your hair care routine. What’s great about Simply Stylin’ is that their line of products all do not contain alcohol, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of hair types.

Sleep on Silk Bed Sheets

Besides offering a luxurious feel, sleeping on silk bed sheets and pillowcases can be beneficial for your hair and skin. As silk provides a smooth surface for your hair to rest on, this decreases the likelihood of your hair getting tangled, frizzy, and damaged while you sleep. Therefore, as a whole, silk is much gentler on the hair as compared to cotton and other materials. What’s more, silk also absorbs less moisture, so your hair can retain its shine and natural hydration for a longer time.

Apply Leave-in Conditioners and Hair Masks

Considering that coarse hair has dry and brittle ends, the obvious solution is to hydrate it. And a way to do so is by applying a leave-in conditioner or hair masks every once or twice a week. A leave-in conditioner or hair mask deep conditions the hair and provides it with beneficial nutrients and minerals that soften and shine the hair. If you’re not keen on purchasing a store-bought leave-in conditioner or hair mask, you can consider making a DIY treatment yourself in the comfort of your own home. From honey and avocado to olive oil and aloe vera, these ingredients are easily found in every home and can be used as an effective hair treatment.

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