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Common Hair Straightening Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now

Making your hair look straight, smooth, and lustrous takes a fair bit of work. You want to look your best, so you’ve got to do it right. According to the experts, many people who straighten their own hair make several mistakes, yielding uneven or unsatisfactory results. To get the most out of your flat ironing experience, here are some tips to help you figure out you what have been doing incorrectly.

Incorrect Washing

You must understand there is no miracle shampoo or conditioner on the market that will make your hair straight. However, there are products with smoothing and moisturizing properties which can prep the hair and make straightening more effective. You can comb your conditioner through your hair using a paddle brush. Also, make sure that you do not vigorously rinse your hair. It is advisable to pat your hair dry in a downwards motion using a towel.

Hearing A Sizzling Sound

Stop if you hear a sizzling sound or notice steam rising from your hair. Your hair must be completely dry before using a flat iron. However, if it is already dry, a product build-up might be the source of the problem. Before you flat iron your hair, be cautious about the products you use. When it comes to using hot tools, you should never add a product to your dry hair. Only apply product when it is damp. This is because the iron will clamp down on your hair, preventing the product from escaping. This will cause the product to be cooked into your hair follicles, causing serious hair damage.

The Temperature Is Too Hot

A flat iron with a 450-degree setting was solely intended for use in a professional hair salon for keratin treatments. It is not necessary to increase the heat while straightening thicker or coarser hair. Any hair type, be it damaged, fine, or color-treated should never be heated over 350 degrees in a home setting. You might also risk hurting yourself or frying and damaging your hair.

Not Using Heat Protectants

Your hair needs to be protected from the intense heat of the flat iron and be resistant to humidity. This is why using a heat protecting serum or spray on your hair before any heat application is important. You should use a product like RAM Atelier’s Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum or Light Silk Spray as they do not get absorbed into your hair. They also contain a concentrated silicone base that makes the straightening process easier, helping you achieve straighter, silkier, and smoother hair. They are ideal for those with stubborn hair that tends not to hold its shape despite being straightened with heat.

Fulfill All Your Straight Hair Needs with RAM Atelier

Based in Dallas, TX, RAM Atelier is a hair care company specializing in silicone-based hair care products for natural hair, extensions, and wigs. Our Simply Stylin’ product range has many functions, including the ability to protect hair from heat applications, eliminate frizz, detangle hair, and keep hair looking and feeling amazing. Look for your nearest Simply Stylin’ retailer today!

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