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Dimethiconol Silicone: What Makes It Stand Out From The Others?

Used to improve the application and texture of cosmetics, hair care, and skin care products, silicones are a group of synthetic ingredients. They are man-made. But with all the reportedly bad – or the newly researched good – characteristics involving silicones, let's make one thing clear…

All silicone is not created equally.

As a silicone, dimethiconol helps improve the feel, texture, and appearance of a product. It prevents skin moisture loss and enhances product efficacy. Unfortunately, where silicones are concerned, there's been a lot of controversy.

Dimethiconol Silicone – Good or Bad?

Frequently found in hair care products, make up, and skin care products, dimethiconol silicone has many beneficial properties. Regardless, with so much negative publicity, people have steered clear of it in many cases. Some of the (alleged) past claims that negatively impacted the use of dimethiconol silicone were as follows:

  • Disallows some product ingredients from working

  • Responsible for breakouts and acne

  • Is bad for the skin… and more

Here's the truth. There was so much concern generated that the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel and the US Food and Drug Administration decided to invest significant research resources into a safety evaluation regarding dimethiconol silicone.

The results: Evidence was produced which indicates the current level of dimethiconol silicone used in products is safe. Not only that, the research also suggests dimethiconol silicone is, in many ways, actually beneficial for the skin.

Dimethiconol Silicone – What Is It?

Without going into a lot of detail and stated in terms someone other than a chemist can understand, dimethiconol is a polymer, also referred to as silicone gum, similar to dimethicone. Silicones are man-made – they are synthetic polymers. Frequently confused with each other, but actually extremely different, are the terms "silicon" and "silicone". Exceedingly abundant on earth is the 14th element of the periodic table – "silicon" – which has no “e” at the end. It is not synthetic in the least.

Dimethiconol Silicone Benefits

The following are benefits that can or may be experienced through the use of dimethiconol:

  • Hair care – Perfect for leave-in serums, conditioners, and other hair care products. Can help with split ends, damaged-looking hair, unhealthy hair, and more, to leave it feeling and looking smooth and silky.

  • Moisturizer – To protect sensitive and irritated skin, can provide a protective barrier. Discourages moisture loss. May also fill in wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

  • Useful against irritation and skin redness – Some skin conditions have actually been helped through the use of dimethiconol.

  • Texture – The performance, appearance, and feel of skin care and cosmetic products may be improved through the use of dimethiconol. It helps formulations feel smooth and silky.

Some Final Facts About Dimethiconol

  • For use in cosmetic and skin care products, can improve spreadability and texture. Also prevents moisture loss and increases hydration when used as a moisturizer.

  • Unless you have a specific allergy to it, it can be used by all skin types.

  • With most other ingredients, it combines well.

In most cases, after enjoying the effects of dimethiconol silicone, it should be thoroughly washed off – particularly before another application. When discussing hair care products or skin care products, the natural assumption is that people wash properly and frequently, anyway. Specifically, where hair care is concerned, you may also condition after washing your hair properly and on a regular basis. This is simply good hygiene practice.

Where to Find Silicone Hair Products That Are Reliable And Pure

At RAM Atelier, LLC, our products are pure – no fillers – and for good reason! Our goal is to make hairstyling a breeze and for our products to have the maximum possible effect on your hair. We carry pure silicone products for hairstyling of a superior nature. If you would like soft, shiny, frizz-free hair, there's nothing like our pure silicone products.

Whether you have wavy, curly, fine, coarse, relaxed, colored, or straight hair – Simply Stylin’ products will help you have healthier, shiny hair for longer periods of time.

Got questions? You can phone us at 972-769-9753 or email us at

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