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Flat Ironing 101: The Dos And Don'ts To Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

Straight hair looks best when it is healthy and beautiful. Even if you've used a flat iron in the past, you may have noticed that your ends were little dry and that some strands were still wavy or curly. Not following the proper techniques yields a look that is not flawless or professional-looking. Here are some hair straightening do’s and don’ts.

Only Straighten Dry Hair

Even if the flat iron claims it can be used on wet hair, don't do it! You are likely to spend more time with the flat iron passing over those strands, trying to straighten them and inflict further damage. Do you want to deal with extra damage and split ends while attempting to grow out your lovely locks? If you're pressed for time, wrap your hair in a soft towel or shirt for around five minutes to get rid of excess water. Blow dry your hair before straightening it. You can even wash your hair before going to bed and straighten it in the morning. That will ensure that it is completely dry before coming in contact with heat from the flat iron.

Do Not Turn Up the Heat

The temperature settings of most hair straighteners can be adjusted, but that doesn’t mean you have to blast the heat for the straight look you want. In fact, using a flat iron on the hottest setting is a bad idea. If you want to avoid damaging your locks during the process, keep the temperature at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Separate and Section

Separate distinct sections of your hair using a comb. It is advisable to divide your hair into four sections, working on one at a time. Consider pinning or clipping up the other sections till you have completed working with one. If you do not work in sections, your hair might start falling down or become messy while you're using your flat iron, making you go over particular strands more than necessary and overlook certain spots.

Use Heat Protectants

Heat can cause damage to your hair, but one cannot give up styling forever. How does one achieve straight hair without using a flat iron or hot tool? Take precautions by using a heat protecting spray, serum, or cream on your hair before any heat application. RAM Atelier’s Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum and Light Silk Spray are excellent for using before flat irons as they do not get absorbed into your hair. Furthermore, they contain a concentrated silicone base that aids with the straightening process, helping you achieve straighter, silkier, and smoother hair. They work best for individuals with stubborn hair that tends to revert back to its curly or wavy form despite using a blow dryer or flat iron.

Get Flawless, Straight Hair with RAM Atelier

Based in Dallas, RAM Atelier is a hair care company specializing in silicone-based hair care products for natural hair, extensions, and wigs. Our Simply Stylin’ product range has many functions, including the ability to eliminate frizz, detangle hair, protect hair from heat applications, and keep hair soft and shiny. Look for your nearest Simply Stylin’ retailer today!

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