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Hair Care & Maintenance Tips Every Person With Blonde Hair Should Know

Do people with blonde hair really have more fun? Only if they take care of their hair. Blonde hair tends to absorb everything it comes in contact with, making it extremely prone to dryness, a brittle texture, and even an altered tone. If you naturally have blonde hair who has been dealing with some severely neglected hair, it is high time you treated those golden tresses with tender loving care. Here are some hair care tips to help your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Do Cold Washes

A cold shower may not seem especially comfortable, but it may work wonders for blonde hair care. Washing your hair correctly and rinsing with cold water can seal the cuticles, allowing moisture to be locked in. Don’t worry about being freezing cold. Cleanse your hair with warm water, then rinse with cold water for a few seconds.

Hydration is Key

Blonde hair is more porous than other hair colors, being more prone to damage, dryness and dehydration. Keep it moisturized with a cleaner that does not strip your hair of its natural oils. Nourish it on a daily basis by using a leave-in treatment that will repair and seal your cuticles.

Heat Protection

Hot tools are bad for colored hair in general, particularly blond hair. However, since it’s hard to go without styling your hair, it is best to minimize the damage. Depending on your preferences and type of hair, consider a heat-protecting spray, cream, or balm to combat damage and prevent color fading. Heat from the sun, or humid conditions can also damage hair. Hats and scarves aside, a heat protection product should be used especially if your hair will be exposed to direct sunlight. Our RAM Atelier products, Simply Stylin’s Light Silk Spray and Silk Serum, contain a special mix of silicones that serve as a barrier or shield between your hair and external elements, be it heat, humidity, or other environmental factors.

Protecting It from Water

As a blonde, you may worry about your light hair turning into an unappealing shade of green upon swimming, but that’s not all. Chlorine from swimming pools is particularly damaging to natural blondes as it strips natural hair oils away, resulting in brittle hair and a dry scalp. Wearing a swimming cap is clearly the best form of protection, but if not, you will have to deal with pool chemicals before and after your swim. Apply conditioner to your hair before going into the pool or ocean to create a barrier between it and the chlorine or salt water. Rinse your hair as soon as you emerge to remove any residue.

Maintain Your Beautiful Blonde Hair with RAM Atelier

RAM Atelier is a hair care company based in Dallas, TX that delivers innovative hair care products for natural hair, wigs, and extensions. Our Simply Stylin’ range of silicone-based hair products have a myriad of functions, helping to eliminate frizz, detangle hair, protect hair from heat applications, and keep hair soft and shiny. Interested to transform your locks? Look for your nearest Simply Stylin’ retailer today!

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