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How To Refresh Wigs So They Look As Good As New

When it comes to wigs, knowing how to do wig maintenance work is everything. Not only do wigs last longer with the right refreshing methods, but they also look better and bear more resemblance to real hair. Wigs are either made of synthetic or real human hair. Human hair wigs cost more but generally, they will last much longer and can be styled in more varied ways. Here are the steps to take when it comes to refreshing different kinds of wigs.

Refreshing Synthetic Wigs

Not all synthetic wigs can be refreshed. Some are just meant to be worn a few times before they have to be discarded. If your synthetic wig is made of high quality synthetic material, then it can most likely be refreshed and worn for months.

To refresh your synthetic wig, get a wig brush to prep your wig for washing. This allows you to take out any tangles in the wig. When you get to the washing part, make sure to use a synthetic wig shampoo instead of your normal shampoo. Wash your wig with lukewarm water so it will not damage the synthetic fibers. You can also choose to use a fabric softener to smooth out your synthetic wig after washing it.

Remember not to put your synthetic wig into the washing machine as doing so will damage it. Synthetic wigs should usually be washed on a fortnightly basis. However, you can choose to increase the frequency of washing or whenever the wig gets dirty.

Refreshing Straight Human Hair Wigs

If you have a human hair wig, washing it would be similar to washing your own hair – although washing a human hair wig is often easier than washing your own hair because you can see what is going on every step of the way. Before washing your wig, use a comb to get rid of any knots and tangles. Then, use cold or lukewarm water to wash your wig. You are advised to dilute mild shampoo with water and mix them before using them to cleanse your wig.

When rinsing your wig, make sure to get all the shampoo out and proceed to use a conditioner like how you would on normal hair. Do not mix the conditioner with water. The hair conditioner should then be left on for several minutes before you wash it off. To further increase moisture in your wig to prevent breakage, you are advised to use a light conditioning spray on the wig after you are done washing it.

Refreshing Curly Human Hair Wigs

Washing a curly human hair wig is a little more complicated. Instead of using a comb to disentangle the curls, it is better to use your fingers to gently comb through the hair. Alternatively, you can also do the disentangling when the conditioner is applied later. The conditioner will make the combing through process much easier as it helps to smooth out the texture of the wig. You may also consider applying more conditioner to curly hair wigs as they tend to turn frizzy more easily.

Lastly, take care to put your wig down on a towel to dry instead of hanging it on a wig stand. The reason is, the curls in your wig can lose their springiness if it is left hanging on the stand. Instead, you should manually scrunch up the curls on the towel to keep them in shape as they dry.

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