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Top Reasons Why Silicone Hair Serum Is Better Than Silicone-Free Hair Serum

Unfortunately, due to products from many years ago and their misuse and misunderstanding, silicone hair products have gotten some pretty bad press. But for those who use today's silicone-containing hair products to care for their damaged, frizzy, and/or dry hair, the shine enhancing, softening, and smoothing properties of silicone-based hair care products are indispensable. In fact, there is currently no known silicone-free product that is capable of offering all the benefits silicone containing products can.

Let's take a look at silicone hair serum benefits and why the people who use them wouldn't give them up for anything. (Keep in mind, with all the hair care products on the market today, that's saying something!)

Hair Shaft Strengthening

If, while combing or brushing, you've detected some shedding, don't panic. To protect your hair from outer damage, fortify hair shafts, and strengthen hair, turn to a silicone-based product. You will have healthier, longer hair if, before combing and brushing, you work a silicone product through your hair.

Shinier Hair

To add brilliant shine to hair, nothing beats silicone-based products. After styling, to create long-lasting shine, you only need a few drops.

Smoother Hair

By filling in porous cuticles, silicone-based products interact with individual hair strands. The result? Less flyways, softer, smoother hair. Maximum smoothness can be achieved with the right silicone-based product.

Heat Applications Straightening

For some individuals, after blow drying or flat ironing, their hair reverts back to its curly form. If you'd like straighter, smoother, and silkier hair, silicone containing products are indispensable. They assist with the straightening process.


By separating hair strands from each other, silicone products can be of assistance in detangling. To remove knots in hair, use a comb to work them through your hair after washing.

Heat Protection

Silicone products can help protect your hair from damage by flat irons, hot combs, and blow dryers because your hair doesn't absorb the silicone. The silicone sits on top of the hair like a protective coating.

Refresh Hair Extensions and Wigs

Numerous wigs, hair extensions, and weaves are created with a coating of protective silicone. Over time, that coating can wear off through shampooing and conditioning. By re-coating them with a silicone product, you can revive their freshness, make them look new again, and restore their luster.

Control Frizz

When silicone products contain a precise silicone mix, between the elements and your hair, they can act as a barrier or a shield. They effectively protect your hair against environmental factors like heat, humidity, and more. If you apply a serum or spray before going out, you will have to worry less about things like humid or damp locations.

A Personal Decision

Here's the thing: The choice to use silicone free or silicone containing products, at the end of the day, is completely up to you. Those with damaged, frizzy, and/or dry hair tend to benefit the most from the shine enhancing, softening, and smoothing properties of silicone-based haircare products. If you have perfect hair, you probably don't need anything special. If you have perfect hair, however, you are certainly one of a kind!

For the best silicone-based haircare products, turn to RAM Atelier, LLC.

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