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A Simple Guide To Properly Brushing Hair For Women

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Brushing hair might seem to be an intuitive affair. After all, we’ve been doing it for years. Isn’t it just taking a brush and brushing your hair from root to the tips? Well, that can actually cause hair breakage! There’s a right way to brush your hair, and it’s a skill we should all learn. Here’s a guide on how to properly brush hair for women. Read on so you can prevent further hair damage!

How to Brush Your Hair

Many of us make the mistake of brushing our hair from root to tip. However, this can pull strands out of the follicle and cause hair breakage, resulting in greater hair loss. What you should do is begin brushing your hair a few inches from the bottom of your hair. Separate your hair into small sections and gently work your way upwards in small strokes. You will be able to remove hair tangles without damaging your hair.

Make sure not to overbrush your hair — go for quality instead of quantity so you can detangle your hair without causing damage. You can also use ahair detangling product to make it easier to brush your hair.

How to Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is actually more fragile than dry hair and is more prone to snapping when brushed. Thus, it’s always recommended to brush your hair when it’s dry rather than when it’s wet. However, if you’re in a rush for time and have to brush your wet hair, there are a few tips for you to keep in mind to reduce hair damage.

Step 1: Towel Dry Your Hair.

Air-drying your wet hair for at least 10 minutes before combing your hair will be great, but what if you don’t have the time for that? Use a microfiber towel and remove as much moisture from your hair as possible. Brushing your hair when it’s sopping wet is definitely a no-no!

Step 2: Use a Hair-Detangling Product.

If you have tangle-prone, thick or curly hair, you can use a detangling spray or a conditioning product to condition your hair. They will help to smoothen your hair, making it easier to brush your hair without damaging it.

Step 3: Use the Right Hair Brush.

If you often brush your hair when it’s wet, it’s time to consider purchasing a hairbrush formulated specifically for wet hair! Compared to regular brushes, these brushes have thin, flexible bristles. They will detangle your hair gently instead of pulling it. There are also brushes that allow air to flow through while you comb your hair, facilitating the hair drying process.

Achieve Shinier, Healthier Hair with RAM Atelier, LLC

A little care can go a long way in ensuring you keep your beautiful, lustrous locks! If your hair gets tangled easily, our Simply Stylin’ Silk Serum and Light Silk Spray are here to help. Simply spray it on your hair and use a comb to remove the knots. Our hair spray products will also help to fortify hair shafts, strengthen your hair and protect it from damage. Let us help you achieve longer, healthier, and shinier hair today!

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